Question 1:
Is it okay to relax my hair with a relaxer I bought from the drug store?
Relaxing hair is a professional process. Incorrect relaxing can cause permanent damage to your scalp.

Question 2:
How can a cut improve my appearance?
To enhance your eyes try bangs
To compliment your facial features try layers fringed around your face
To give your hair a fuller look try layers throughout your hair
If you want to introduce your beautiful face to the world try a short cut

Question 3:
What hair color is good for me?
If your skin tone is cool your best hair color is cool
If your skin tone is warm your best hair color is warm
If you are unsure of your skin tone schedule an appointment for a color consultation.

Question 4:
I've never had my hair weaved. How is it done?
There are many different techniques of hair weaving. A few are braid weave (weft sewn on braid) and bonding (weft bonded to hair). A full weave covers all your hair and a partial weave is blended with your hair.

Question 5:
Can a flat iron give hair more body?
Yes, if used correctly and with the correct products a flat iron can give hair more movement and silkiness.

Question 6:
I have gray hair. Why can't I cover it with semi-permanent color?
Semi-permanent colors are designed to tone and enhance pigmented or color-treated hair. They can also blend hair with a small amount of gray. However, semi-permanent colors are not designed to cover large amounts of gray. You may need to use permanent color.

Question 7:
Can relaxed hair be colored?
It depends on the condition of the hair. Some people with healthy strong hair can get their hair professionally colored two weeks after it has been relaxed. However, continued maintenance by a professional is vital.

Question 8:
I like the curly styles some of the celebrities wear. How do they get that look?
The curly style can be accomplished with a set, curlers or a weave.

Question 9:
Why is my hair dry?
Various factors can cause dryness. Harsh relaxer, harsh shampoo, improper conditioning, lack of oil, weather conditions or health conditions. A professional hair program may reduce dryness.

Question 10:
Why is my hair breaking?
Breakage can occur for different reasons. Some reasons are overlapping chemicals, harsh products or a lack of good conditioning.

Question 11:
What are some things I can do to improve the appearance of my hair.
1. Mild Shampoo
2. Proper Conditioner
3. Light Oil (when needed)
4. Heat Protectant (when using thermal)
5. Minimize Blow Drying

Question 12:
I have split ends. Is there a product I can use?
The best remedy for split ends is a trim and good styling habits.

Question 13:
Why aren't my favorite hair products working anymore?
You may have product build up on your hair.

Question 14:
Can using a lot of heat on my hair cause damage?
Yes. Try a style that requires less heat.

Question 15:
How often should I get my hair relaxed?
Allow enough new growth to avoid overlapping hair with relaxer.

Question 16:
I need a new look what can I do?
Have long hair go short
Have short hair add some length
Have solid color hair add highlights
Have highlights add lowlights
Have one length hair add layers

Question 17:
How can I remove the yellow from my gray hair?
Try a shampoo that's designed to remove yellow tones.

Question 18:
How long can I wear my braid weave?
I specialize in hair care, therefore, I do not recommend going beyond 8 weeks. Your natural hair can become damaged.

Question 19:
Who makes the best product for my hair?
There are billions of people on the earth. I can not recommend a perfect product. However, among the other professional products I use, I've had good results with KeraCare.

Question 20:
If I schedule an appointment with you, how long can I expect my visit to be.
It depends on the service, however, most services take between 1 to 3 hours.

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